Tijuana Robótica was born in 2018 with a promise to provide better opportunities for young people to be engineers, scientists and leaders of the country. Hence a vision was formed, which showed each child in Tijuana having the motivation, resource and imagination to innovate while having fun.


After organizing the first international robotics exhibition in Tijuana, FRC Showcase Tijuana, the team realized the excitement and potential in Tijuana for the promotion of robotics platforms.


United for the same passion towards improving the Tijuana community, the Tijuana Robotic team with collaborators has been working to advance the community towards that vision.


Tijuana Robotics is committed to developing opportunities towards the technical and academic preparation of all young people in Tijuana through robotics programs.


Generate an innovative culture around the science and technology in Tijuana's youth and provide everyone with the opportunity to excel in their careers.


TJ ROBOTICS             7753

Headquartered  in The Interactive Museum Trompo, Tj Robotics consists of students from more than 10 different high schools with diverse experience, united by a shared passion for robotics.


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